The UK’s Top Plant-based Alternative

The UK’s Top Plant-based Alternative

How Quorn is changing the world

Every passing day, more and more people turn to meatless meat. From health benefits to saving the planet, there’s a number of reasons why you should move away from eating meat. And to make it all easier, there are plenty of meat-free brands to choose from.

Quorn Foods has been around since the late 1990s, offering meat-free meals for meat lovers and non-meat lovers alike. As one of the UK’s top plant-based alternative brands, Quorn shows no sign of slowing down and continues to expand their already huge range frequently.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the wondrous world of what Quorn offers, as well as the impact Quorn is making on our planet.

What is Quorn?

First things first, let’s get this out of the way.

Many meat lovers can be sceptical when it comes to meat-free meats. Not quite understand what something is, or believing that it isn’t really “meat” can be offputting. So here’s what Quorn really is.

The UK’s Top Plant-based Alternative

Quorn is made mostly from their very own mycoprotein. For those of you who don’t speak Greek, myco means fungus. You guessed it, the main ingredient of Quorn is a single-cell protein derived from a fungus and designed for human consumption. This protein is naturally sourced, meat-free, full of fibre and amino acids, and best of all, low in fat.

There you have it. Quorn is safe, healthy, meat-free and great for the environment. Not only that, but it’s full of flavour with a texture just like meat! There’s really no downside to eating Quorn.

Why is eating a meat alternative important?

Livestock farming is responsible for almost 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a huge amount for something completely avoidable. Beyond contributing to climate change, farms also take up a large amount of land and space necessary as the human population grows. Quorn’s mycoprotein can easily be farmed in compact environments with far smaller an impact on the earth.

Even the amount of water used to obtain food is important – though the earth is mostly blue, the amount of useable water is entirely finite. Did you know that Quorn mince uses ten times less water than real beef mince? That means for every meal made with beef mince, you could instead make ten meals using Quorn. Think about how much that adds up in the long run, and how Quorn is far more sustainable than real meat.

How will Quorn help change the future?

The UK’s Top Plant-based Alternative

According to a spokesperson on behalf of Quorn, their 2030 ambition is to be a Net Positive business that provides 8 billion servings of healthy food every year – that’s one for every person on the planet! If that isn’t ambitious, I don’t know what is.

Quorn is already one of the top-selling meat alternative brands in the UK. The company offers food for both vegetarians and vegans, and with so many different products on offer, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

If you’re interested in moving away from meat, look no further. With great tasting food and a will to save the planet, Quorn is a great place to start, and you can help them achieve their goal one meal at a time.

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