The Benefits of Grocery Delivery

The Benefits of Grocery Delivery

Make more with grocery delivery

Over the past few years, eCommerce has become more and more of a staple in people’s lives. From digital services to online stores, online shopping has grown so much that eCommerce revenue is expected to reach over £80,000 million in the UK alone this year, according to database specialist Statista.

This includes grocery deliveries, where up to 68.4% of shoppers claimed they prefer to shop online with a traditional supermarket, according to research by GlobalData. In the current climate where many are still staying indoors during the pandemic, this will only increase.

In this blog, we’re going to explore how successful delivering groceries is, and why customers are more likely to purchase from your shop if you deliver.

A brief history of online grocery shopping

The Benefits of Grocery Delivery

Delivering groceries has been around in some way for hundreds of years. Only in 1997, however, did the modern world of online grocery shopping take root as became the first alternative to grocery shopping.

The online retailer delivered fresh groceries, including farm produce, seafood and meat, and delivered to customers in select US states seven days a week. The business was a resounding success until the dot-com bubble crash led to a merge with competitor Webvan that ultimately ended in disaster. Eventually, the brand was acquired by who are still active to this day.

This way of shopping is so popular that the brand still remained the world’s largest internet-based grocery store up until UK’s very own Ocado eventually exceeded it in 2010. The world of grocery delivery is so successful, that modern supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco have begun delivering, as well as third-party delivery companies such as UberEats and Delivery Club, who not only engage in restaurant delivery but grocery delivery too.

Customer benefits

When you really think about it, it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in ordering their groceries online. If you find the right store, it can be just as cheap as in-store shopping with all these additional benefits

1. Convenience

Shopping for groceries online is far more convenient than taking trips in store. Customers can choose when to have their groceries delivered and have the store do all the heavy lifting for them, bringing their goos straight to their door.

2. No missing out

Up until the delivery slot, customers can add and remove from their basket as they please. This removes the pesky shopping list and the chance of accidentally missing something they need, and means fewer return trips.

3. No impulse buys

At the same time, customers are less likely to impulse buy items they don’t necessarily need or want. This results in a better experience and fewer returns for the store to deal with.

4. Online deals

As is the case with fast food delivery apps such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, businesses often put up exclusive deals online such as coupons or price matching. This means great deals for the customer and more purchases from the store.

The Benefits of Grocery Delivery

Of course, there can be disadvantages too from some online shops such as more expensive products, however, this is all the more reason to jump in on the competition and beat the competitors.

Food delivery is one of the fastest developing areas in food tech, and it’s not surprising that more and more companies are looking for a piece of the action. If your store isn’t already delivering, it might be worth thinking about joining in before you fall behind in the era of digital purchases.

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