Edible Adventures by Gingerline

Edible Adventures by Gingerline

Enjoy unique adventures with fine dining

Have you ever wanted to eat your way through some of the most intense adventures of your life? We’re not talking about a short camping trip with some lembas bread. We’re on about real down and dirty on your hands and knees kinds of adventures. Real interactions with actors, dining in fully immersive sets. If that’s piqued your interest, Gingerline is the place for you.

What is Gingerline?

We say Gingerline is the place for you, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Since their debut in 2010, Gingerline has taken up shop all over London for different shows and events. Some show locations are even dubbed ‘top secret’ to keep avid diners on their toes and the experience even more unique.

From nights at the circus to trips to the local puppeteer’s workshop. Off-planet excursions to adventures 20,000 leagues under the sea. There really is something for everyone at one point or another with Gingerline.

How immersive are Gingerline shows?

You might be wondering how Gingerline puts together a show worth dining at. Well, here’s everything they do to make sure your dinner is an experience no other restaurant could offer.

The action

From ball pool diving to starring in your very own TV game show, you can expect no shortage of hands-on activities in your dining experience. Every show offers different activities that the actors will eagerly get you involved with. You can even expect all the actors and waiting staff to be in costume to help get you that much more immersed in the action. We’re talking fully dressed astronauts if you’re going to another planet (or maybe even body paint if they’re a little less human…)

However, if interactive shows aren’t your thing, you still might be in luck. Not all of the Gingerline shows are completely interactive. While you might be expected to move from room to room in one crazy manner or another (think along the lines of sliding through a hole in a massive wooden sledge), some of the shows allow you to simply sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Make sure to check out the description of any current show to see what you can expect from your Gingerline experience.

The venue

Each venue is expertly designed by specialists to provide the best possible immersive experience. Plain rooms can be transformed into entire planets. Decorations are strung from roofs and walls and even the furniture is designed to fit the adventure.

Depending on what show you attend, you can expect to either be seated in one large room for the entire experience or to move between smaller rooms featuring separate themes that add to the overall story.

The food

Here it is, the most important aspect of all: the food.

Not only can you expect the dishes to be exotic and enticing (entrees such as giant squid ink and seafood ravioli, for example), but every set meal is designed specifically to compliment the show. If you’re on a seafaring adventure, expect lots of seafood. Or if you’re enjoying a night at the circus, expect interesting and unusual combinations.

The food is also presented appropriately. If you’re sat in a cantina, don’t expect fancy silverware or china. You can even enjoy syringes of soups, sauces and mousse. Sometimes the show will even determine your meal, such as the Gingerline Royale’s roulette wheel.

No matter the show, you’ll for sure experience new and interesting flavour combinations in an immersive setting, with options for vegetarian diners too.

Gingerline is currently on a small break to ensure a further ten years of special and unique experiences you won’t want to miss out on. Check out their past adventures today to see the kinds of shows you can expect in the future.

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